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The purpose of this application is to convert a WordProject bible download into an SQLite database. I wanted to create an easily searchable database of the scriptures for one of these bibles.

1. The app connects to the internet and extract a list of available bibles by parsing the index.html with the agility pack
2. You choose a bible to download and when that is downloaded its saved in the <rootfolder>\WordProject folder as a zip file
3. Using System.IO.Compression, the zip file is extracted into a respective folder
4. The extracted bible folder is then through recursion of the files extracted into a SQLite database with three files in it.
5. You can also open the WordProject org website via the application
6. There is also a menu item to select a computer WordProject\<bible> folder to process without the option to download first.

NB: For a succesfull file, the verses in the individual chapter html files should be links with a name attribute.


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